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Vacuum Circuit Breaker
CE-12 Edison Indoor MV Embedded Pole Insulated Vacuum Circuit Breaker
CE with advanced mechanism designed by Thomas Edison R&D Center can be widely applied in the field of power grids, power generation, petroleum, petrochemical, metallurgy, rail transport and infrastructure, able to provide safe and reliable solution for the transmission and distribution industries.
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Electric Arc Furnace
CES-40.5F Circuit Breaker for Electric Arc Furnace
CES-40.5F, circuit breaker for electric arc furnace, is a new-generation dedicated MV switchgear developed by Thomas Edison R&D Center of Cooper.according to the load demand characteristics of the smelting furnace group. It can be widely used in electric arc furnace smelting LF refining and many other conditions requiring frequent operation.The corresponding switchgear should act with extreme frequency during use on the basis of smelting technical requirements of high-energy arc. Fault current should also be cut off once fault occurs. With an ultra-long service life, CES-40.5F could reduce power failure time for steel users, improve their economic benefits and reduce use risks.
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Metal-enclosed Switchgear
ASN3-12 AC Metal-enclosed Switchgear
ASN3-12 switchgear, a new-generation MV switchgear developed by this company, is applicable to three-phase AC 50/60Hz single busbar and single busbar segmented power system. It is used for acceptance and distribution of electric energy, and offers control, protection and monitoring of circuits.
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Miniature Air Circuit Breaker
EZMX1 Series Miniature Air Circuit Breaker
The conduction loop has been optimized to reduce the size of circuit breaker and satisfy the installation structural requirements of compact switchgear.Reduce heat and loop electric energy loss of products, lower product running temperature, inhibit equipment faults caused by running temperature rise effectively and improve running reliability of products.
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Moulded-case Circuit Breaker
EZM1 Series Moulded-case Circuit Breaker
EZM1 series moulded-case circuit breaker is applicable to the scenarios with AC50/60Hz, rated insulation voltage of 800V, rated working voltage of AC400V/500V/690V and circuit where rated current is 16A~800A. It can be used for distribution protection or motor protection.
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